Dual Technology Ovens: An Overview

Dual technology ovens use multiple energies that include impingement heating, high-speed vectored air or a combination of impingement, microwave and radiant heating. This process provides added speed, flexibility and consistency.

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Dual technology ovens combine microwave energy to heat food and thermal energy to heat the air and assist the radiant energy in browning and crisping products. They also offer ventless operation, which can help open up new options for existing kitchens.

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Impingement rapid cook units combine impingement conveyor ovens with microwave energy and a secondary heat source, such as radiant heat, to help finish food.

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These ovens typically have a compact footprint for operations with limited space and in order to accommodate a variety of applications. Most are designed for countertop use, with depths between 20 and 30 inches. Capacities vary, with units accommodating ¼- to ½-size sheet pans, full-size hotel pans and 12- or 14-inch pizzas.

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The majority of dual technology ovens have stainless steel construction both inside and out, with ceramic plates inside. This equipment may include adjustable, chrome-plated legs and ergonomic handles.

These units generally provide multiple set point temperatures. The data keys allow for the electronic transfer of cooking programs, which can save cooking time and aid in product consistency.

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