Energy Efficiency and Ranges

Ranges don't have Energy Star standards as of yet, but there are environmentally-friendly features available.

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Among the newest green innovations for open burners and ovens are the commercial adoption of safer gas ignition systems and flame failure systems. This provides benefits for positive, safer ignition. Energy savings is realized, since there are no standing pilots. With this system, a microprocessor senses when gas is called for by the thermostat and the electrode, located in the pilot housing, is then energized. The resulting spark continues until the pilot flame is detected. After detection, the spark is then shut off and the gas valve remains energized. The flame failure system automatically shuts off the gas when the pilot is extinguished. If the flame is not present, the valve will de-energize and the gas flow is shut off.

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Electronic ignition and flame failure currently are being specified by schools, health care facilities and correctional facilities. This technology has been available in Europe for the last 15 years, but is relatively new to the U.S.

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For ovens, one of the most popular energy efficiency practices is heat sink type oven cavities. With cast iron bottoms and walls, these heavy duty plates act as energy efficient heat sinks, keeping the oven cavity at the desired temperature even when the oven door is frequently opened and closed.

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