HACCP Manager™

Cooper-Atkins Corp.

Cooper-Atkins' newest innovation in thermocouple technology is the HACCP Manager System. The handheld thermocouple is a data-collecting instrument designed to simplify both the recording of food product temperatures and the monitoring of all corrective actions in foodservice environments. The back-office software includes a state-of-the-art database system designed for reporting, analyzing and storing temperatures and allows data to be transferred between the handheld and PC. Featuring a high level of accuracy (±1˚F) and extended temperature range of -99˚ to 999.9˚F, this multi-purpose thermocouple accepts all Type K thermocouple probes and stores as many as 3,000 temperature records. The database allows programming of up to 300 user-configurable menu items into the software. The water-resistant handheld features a full color LCD and comes with a 5 year instrument warranty. A protective storage pouch, durable rubber boot, rechargeable battery and lanyard are included in the new HACCP Manager Kit.

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