2013 NAFEM Show Product Showcase

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Ovens, grills and griddles, cooktops, ranges, rotisseries, steamers and fryers.

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Cooking Equipment


Fire Deck 8645

Wood Stone Corp.

NAFEM Booth #: 664

Product details


Groen 15-Gallon Braising Pan

Unified Brands / Groen

NAFEM Booth #: 1022 & Demo Kitchen 1232

Product details


Premium Pizza Ovens


NAFEM Booth #: 2412

Product details


Two-Sided Commercial Grills


NAFEM Booth #: 822

Product details

SelfCookingCenter whitefficiency

SelfCookingCenter® whitefficiency®


NAFEM Booth #: 843

Product details


Turbofan E33 convection oven

Moffat, Inc.

NAFEM Booth #: 2307

Product details


CTI Impinger Ventless Oven

Lincoln Foodservice Products Inc. (Manitowoc)

NAFEM Booth #: 1268

Product details


Evolution Elite® Series Fryers

Henny Penny

NAFEM Booth #: 1600

Product details


Conveyor Toaster Model #CT3000

Equipex LLC

NAFEM Booth #: 2625

Product details


ConvoSmoker Combi Oven

Convotherm (Manitowoc)

NAFEM Booth #: 1268

Product details


Broaster® Pressure Fryers

Broaster Company

NAFEM Booth #: 2512

Product details


Broaster® Ventless Fryers

Broaster Company

NAFEM Booth #: 2512

Product details


Superdeck Series Ovens

Bakers Pride

NAFEM Booth #: 468

Product details


X*PERT™ Series Digital Roller Grills

APW Wyott Foodservice Equipment Co.

NAFEM Booth #: 572

Product details


300-TH/III Cook & Hold Oven


NAFEM Booth #: 3400

Product details


4.10esi CT Express Combitherm Oven


NAFEM Booth #: 3400

Product details



ACP, Inc.

NAFEM Booth #: 2016

Product details

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