Clean, Crafted, Eco-Conscious Water Systems

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Elkay Advanced Water Systems are an ecofriendly solution to expanding your beverage offering by providing sparkling, still and ambient water to your customers and guests. We founded our units on 3 C’s; Clean, Crafted and Conscious. Clean; our units purify the water directly from your water source and boast additional UV purification that prevents bacterial growth. Crafted; our still, sparkling and ambient water allows plain water to be made into exciting beverages such as hand crafted sodas, infused waters and even skinny martinis. Conscious; our environmentally friendly units reduce the carbon footprint by eliminating the use of bulky plastic bottles.

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Zoomba Group’s NAFEM Show Photo Contest

They say a picture is worth 1,000 words. At the NAFEM Show, it could be worth a $500 gift card.

The Zoomba Group, publishers of Foodservice Equipment & Supplies magazine and restaurant development + design magazine, invite you to our NAFEM Show booth #1061 and get your picture on the cover. Not only will you immediately get a print and digital version of your picture, but by posting it on social media with the #MyFESMag or #MyrddMag, one lucky winner from each publication will win a $500 gift card.