How to Know When to Replace a Heated Merchandiser

Heated merchandisers used in self- and full-service applications can take a fair share of abuse. It helps to be aware of the signs that signify a new unit is necessary.

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A number of situations can indicate that a heated merchandiser needs replacing.

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Holding Temperature Issues: When a heated merchandiser cannot maintain food at required temperatures, food safety becomes an issue. If the unit does not keep food hot, consider replacing it.

Hot or Cold Spots: Burn or scorch marks appearing on heated holding surfaces typically mean the calrod is either out of calibration or failing. Depending on the severity of the problem, a new unit may be necessary.

Excessive Wear and Tear: Merchandisers with broken glass, knobs that are falling apart or damaged lights may compromise an operation's front-of-house aesthetics. Operators should consider retiring older units that appear damaged or show age and heavy use.

Pitting or Eroding: Cabinets with evidence of pitting and/or erosion, which can be caused by heavy use or cleaning with harsh chemicals, are a food safety hazard and should be replaced.

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