CFESA's Tech Tips for Warewashers

Service agents offer 12 tips to help keep warewashers running.

The Commercial Food Equipment Service Association offers the following technical tips for troubleshooting and repairing simple problems with warewashers.

  • Check for lime buildup inside
  • Check that doors open easily
  • Check for leaks
  • Check that scrap tray is in place and clean
  • Check that pump intake screen is in place
  • Check that drain opens and closes easily
  • Check that auto fill works and shuts off
  • Check that incoming temperature of water is at least 180 degrees F
  • Check the wash and rinse arms and nozzles for cleanliness
  • When on automatic, check that dishwasher starts when door is closed
  • Check for proper chemical performance
  • Check that timed/manual operation is working properly

If a warewasher requires major repairs, contact an authorized service agent.

Additional tips are available via CFESA's website.

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