Warewasher Applications

Warewashers automate the process of washing and sanitizing servingware and cookware.

Dishwashing units are available that can clean most any type of ware, and custom warewashers also can be ordered. Each warewasher type is designed for specific volumes and items.

Undercounter and door-type cyclical rack machines work best when cleaning serving ware such as plates, bowls, glassware, cutlery and cafeteria trays. Some specialized machines are available as glasswashers and kitchen utensil washers, with wash pressures adjusted accordingly for improved results with these items. These machines are common in kiosks, bars and small restaurants.

Rack conveyor dishwashers are tunnel systems, with fixed wash and rinse areas, exposing the racks as they pass. Ware accepted by these machines is identical to that for undercounter and door-type machines, but they wash a far greater amount of ware in the same time. These machines are typically found in larger restaurants, hospitals and schools.

Flight-type rackless conveyor dishwashers have a continuous conveyor belt that feeds through the machine. Pegs on the belt allow plates, bowls and trays to be placed directly on the belt. Ware accepted by these machines is usually similar to that for rack conveyor machines but with higher throughput. Some flight-type machines are specifically configured as pot washers or tray washers.

Pot-and-pan washers and utensil washers are usually similar to door-type cyclical machines, but are larger and use higher water pressure for soil removal on pots, pans and kitchen utensils.
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