How to Know When to Replace a Dual Technology Oven

When properly maintained, dual technology ovens typically have a service life of between five and seven years. Although there is no steadfast rule for replacement, there are a few signs that may signify an oven has reached the end of its service life.

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Here are situations in which a foodservice operator should consider replacing an existing dual technology oven or adding a new unit to their kitchen.

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Cost of repair: Foodservice operators should consider the cost of repair versus replacement in relation to the life of the oven, when determining whether a new unit is warranted. When the most expensive components of an oven break, such as the circuit boards or touch panels, repairing the unit are generally not recommended.

Oven age: Dual technology ovens typically last between five and seven years. If breakdowns happen regularly, consider replacing the unit.

Availability of parts: If replacement parts are difficult to obtain or cost prohibitive, it may be advantageous to purchase a new oven.

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