CFESA's Service Tips for Griddles

The Commercial Food Equipment Service Association offers a series of technical tips that allow foodservice operators to troubleshoot and repair simple problems involving their gas, electric, refrigeration, and steam equipment. This article takes a look at a few steps to take to identify potential service issues with a griddle.

Here are seven tips foodservice operators and their service agents can take when addressing service issues for a griddle.

  1. Check for power cord and plug
  2. Check for excessive wear
  3. Check for proper pilot light burning
  4. Check that burners have blue flame
  5. Check that thermostats across griddle measures 350° with thermostat
  6. Empty troughs on a daily basis
  7. Clean griddles at or about 150° F to 175° F

These tips are not intended for major repairs, please contact a CFESA trained technician if the problem cannot be corrected.

Additional technical tips from CFESA are available here:
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