Service Tips: Griddles

Whether you call them griddles or flattops, these units are one of the workhorses of the commercial kitchen.

Having a griddle go down, then, can completely disrupt an operation. Here are a few tips to help ensure your griddle operates well for years to come.

  • Empty the grease trough at least once per day. A full trough represents a fire risk.
  • Be careful of which cleaning solution you use to clean the griddle's surface. The wrong chemical can discolor and/or damage a unit.
  • When the unit is cool, make sure the vent on a griddle's flue is clear of debris on a daily basis.
  • A griddle's surface should be seasoned regularly to keep food from sticking to the surface.
  • Kitchen staffers should not clean bits of food off their spatula by striking it against the griddle's cooking surface. Over the years, this can cause pinholes and hairline fractures on the surface, leading to an expensive service call or even a totaled unit.
  • For electric units, watch for fraying on the power cord. Gas units should be monitored for a pilot that is free of debris.
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