Although broilers are durable pieces of equipment that can withstand heavy use, there are signs that a unit may need to be replaced.

Metal fatigue and corrosion: Operators may notice buckling of the unit's side walls and bottom, rusting or pitting. These are the most obvious signs of imminent failure. Acidic sauces and marinades can contribute to the deterioration of the broiler.

Inconsistent cooking: If food is taking longer to cook or is not cooking evenly, this may be a sign that the broiler should be retired. However, if the blue gas flame is orange, gas flow should be checked first.

Costly maintenance: If repair and service costs start adding up and the broiler has been in use for a long period of time, it may make sense to purchase a new unit rather than continuously perform quick fixes.

Menu changes: A changed restaurant concept or revamped menu that includes more, less or a different variety of broiled items may require another size or type of broiler.

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