How to Know When to Replace Blast Chillers

With blast chillers, the proper temperatures can mean the difference between maintaining food quality during cooling and potentially creating an unsafe environment that breeds bacteria.

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Although blast chillers are more likely to break down without warning as opposed to showing evidence that failure is imminent, here are three situations where a new unit is necessary.

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Inconsistent chill times: If the unit shows signs of performance degradation by not cooling as quickly or consistently, this may signify that it needs replacing. Operators should first make sure a dirty condenser is not the culprit.

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Costly maintenance: When service calls become more frequent and repair costs start adding up, especially with an older blast chiller or a unit that has experienced heavy use, it is probably time for a new system.

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Changing capacity needs: If the blast chiller seems to have hit maximum capacity or needs to run 24/7 to keep up with production needs, it may be time to replace it with a larger-sized model.

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