Maintaining Blast Chillers

The maintenance requirements of blast chillers are similar to other refrigeration equipment.

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Maintaining blast chillers is important from a safety standpoint, since temperature consistency is key for Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) reporting. Operators can take a number of steps to prolong the service life of these units and keep systems in safe operating condition.

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  • Condenser coils need to be kept clean, not only to ensure the unit chills properly but also for optimal energy efficiency. There should be as much airflow as possible.
  • Blast chiller probes should be kept clean of food product.
  • Door gaskets should be kept clean in order to provide a tight seal. If warm air and moisture get inside the blast chiller, the unit will need to work harder to maintain proper temperatures.
  • The unit's interior and exterior should be kept clean and wiped down with mild soap and water after use.
  • If drain lines are utilized, these should be kept clean of condensate water to prevent backups.

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