Maintaining Shelving

Proper cleaning of shelving that stores food is important in preventing food-borne illness.

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Maintaining shelving is important from a safety standpoint, since corrosion can compromise the stability of these systems. There are a number of necessary tasks that should be performed regularly to keep these units in top condition and prolong the service life.

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  • Shelving used in high-moisture areas, in particular, should include features that provide easier cleaning, such as removable shelf mats or covers that can be clipped down over wire shelving.
  • If panels are removable, staff should regularly wash them, either by hand or in a dishwasher.
  • Debris and grease can build up on shelves, so staff should wipe down these systems weekly using mild detergents and soft cloths.
  • To simplify cleaning and save time, staff members can focus on cleaning different shelf levels on alternate days of the week.
  • Lubricate casters on mobile shelves each year.

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