Improperly distributed weight can negatively impact the safety and service life of a shelving unit. Here are three indicators that a new storage system might be warranted.

When properly maintained, shelving units can last anywhere from 7 to 15 years or more. However, shelving offers a series of hints that it might be time to purchase a new unit.

Rust and corrosion: Excessive rust and corrosion on metal shelving, along with wear and tear on its edges, may compromise its stability. Operators should assess this to determine if the unit needs replacing.

Structural issues: It is uncommon for shelves to break apart, but if used improperly, bowing and bending may occur. If this is severe, safety may be compromised and a new system is most likely warranted.

Changing storage needs: Operators should consider reassessing their storage needs on a regular basis. When more space is necessary or the storage environment changes, operators should consider changing the shelving system.

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