When to Replace: Heated Merchandisers

When To Replace from Foodservice Equipment & Supplies

April 17, 2012

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Heated Merchandisers: An Overview

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Heated merchandisers hold hot food at safe temperatures for an extended period of time. These units generally fall into three main categories, including islands, in-line and countertop. The in-line and countertop units are set up for full-service and/or self-service access. Islands are self-service.

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How to Know When to Replace a Heated Merchandiser

A number of situations can indicate that a heated merchandiser needs replacing.

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Heated Merchandiser Applications

These units offer both self- and full-service capabilities and are generally used in the front of the house to display either plated or packaged food.

Maintaining a Heated Merchandiser

A heated merchandiser is used as a direct interface with the customer, either in a self-service or full-service format. To convey the impression of cleanliness and sanitation, it is critical that the case always be clean or the food offered within will be suspect.

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Spec Check: Heated Merchandiser

One common mistake operators make is specifying a self-serve display case when a full-serve unit would be more effective and safe. Here are four considerations to weigh when purchasing a heated merchandiser.

Energy Efficiency and Heated Merchandisers

Some merchandisers use a heating system without fans, calrods or heat lamps for added energy efficiency.


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