When to Replace: Disposers

When To Replace from Foodservice Equipment & Supplies

January 17, 2012

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Disposers: An Overview

Disposers can help reduce trash hauling costs, eliminate food waste odors and decrease labor by minimizing trips to the dumpster.

How to Know When to Replace a Disposer

The type of waste matter processed can affect the service life of a disposer. Depending on use, disposers can last between five and 25 years. Here are five indications that it might be time to replace a disposer.

Replacing your Garbage Disposal?

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Disposer Applications

Disposers can handle almost any kind of food waste in all types of commercial kitchens.

Maintaining a Disposer

Disposers are low maintenance systems, but inundating disposers with hard food matter and misuse can lead to significant problems.

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Spec Check: Disposers

Disposers provide an efficient and sanitary way to get rid of food waste. Foodservice operators should weigh a number of considerations when specifying these systems.

The Green Side of Disposers

Disposers can provide an environmentally friendly way to eliminate food waste.

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