When to Replace: Food Processors

When to Replace - Foodservice Equipment & Supplies

June 21, 2011


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Food processors expedite preparation of fruit, vegetables and other ingredients, saving time and labor, while enhancing productivity and consistency.
When properly maintained, food processors can last seven to 10 years. However, there are issues that indicate replacement may be necessary.



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Food processors can be used for a variety of preparation tasks to expedite back of the house production.
Unlike other types of foodservice equipment, food processors have sealed motors and require minimal maintenance. Yet, there are steps operators should take to maximize the unit’s service life.



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Because there are varying types of food processors, operators need to become familiar with the different capabilities and uses. There are many considerations when specifying these units.
Although there is no Energy Star rating for food processors, there are a few considerations operators can weigh to specify an energy-efficient food processor.