When to Replace: Steam-Jacketed Kettles

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September 12, 2013

Steam-Jacketed Kettles: An Overview

Steam-jacketed kettles can produce greater volumes with increased consistency, while reducing labor for both preparation and cleaning. Here is a quick overview of this type of foodservice equipment.

How to Know When to Replace a Steam-Jacketed Kettle

Steam-jacketed kettles can last as long as 20 years, depending on usage and care. But here are a four signs that it may be time to replace a kettle.

Steam-Jacketed Kettle Applications

Depending on the size and application, steam-jacketed kettles can be used in both the front and back of house for a wide range of tasks. Here are a few of the many ways foodservice operators use steam-jacketed kettles.

Cook Smarter – Not Harder!

Unified Brands

No hot-spots, no constant stirring, and no large stock pots to wrestle on and off a range top. Groen Steam Jacketed Kettles cook faster, are easier to clean, save time and money – and are backed by a 10-year body Unified Brands warranty!

Maintaining a Steam-Jacketed Kettle

Proper cleaning and regular maintenance can help extend a kettle’s service life. Here are nine maintenance tips to help foodservice operators get the biggest return on their investments in steam-jacketed kettles.

SpecCheck: Steam-Jacketed Kettle

Here are five considerations foodservice operators should take into account when purchasing a steam-jacketed kettle.

Energy Efficiency and Steam-Jacketed Kettles

Newer kettle technologies are more energy efficient and can save operators money over the long term.

Unified Brands

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