When to Replace: Pot and Pan Washers

When To Replace from Foodservice Equipment & Supplies

June 11, 2013

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Pot and Pan Washers: An Overview

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Pot and pan washers can save significantly on staff labor used to hand-scrub tough baked-on food remains.

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How to Know When to Replace Pot and Pan Washers

Operators should consider replacing older pot and pan washers, which may be less efficient and, as a result, cost more to operate. Here are five other indications that it may be time to replace a pot and pan washer.

Pot and Pan Washer Applications

Unlike traditional warewashers, pot and pan washers can thoroughly clean heavily soiled, larger items.

The World Leader in Continuous Motion Washing


Taking the place of traditional three compartment sinks, Power Soak virtually eliminates the need for hand scrubbing, while reducing time, labor, and energy. With over 35,000 installations, it’s no surprise that Power Soak is specified equipment in leading PowerSoak foodservice operations.

Maintaining Pot and Pan Washers

Cleaning and maintenance procedures for pot and pan washers are similar to traditional warewashers. Here are six steps foodservice operators can take to extend the service life of their pot and pan washer.

Spec Check: Pot and Pan Washers

Pot and pan washers are a good option for cleaning various types of larger cooking containers and baking pans. Here are a few considerations foodservice operators should weigh before purchasing a pot and pan washer.

Energy Efficiency and Pot and Pan Washers

The Energy Star certification criterion for pot and pan washers has recently been updated.

Champion Ware Washers


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