When to Replace: Smokers

When To Replace from Foodservice Equipment & Supplies

May 14, 2013

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Smokers: An Overview

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How to Know When to Replace a Smoker

Smokers can last as long as 50 years, but the average service life of these units is about a decade. Here are a few signs that it is time to replace a smoker.

Smoker Applications

Foodservice operators utilize smokers to impart flavors in food that would be difficult to create in any other way.

Maintaining a Smoker

Proper smoker maintenance and cleaning is a necessity for safe use and fire prevention.

Spec Check: Smokers

One common mistake in specifying smokers is underestimating or overestimating how much capacity will be needed.

Energy Efficiency and Smokers

With newer smoker models and specialty units, there have been advancements that enhance energy efficiency.

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