When to Replace: Rotisseries

When To Replace from Foodservice Equipment & Supplies

January 8, 2013

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Rotisseries: An Overview

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The biggest benefit of rotisseries is that customers can see product cooking, which promotes the theater experience and can increase revenue.

How to Know When to Replace a Rotisserie

The volume and type of product can impact the service life of a rotisserie.

Rotisserie Applications

A number of rotisserie models include warming cabinets to hold finished products.

Maintaining a Rotisserie

The cleaner a rotisserie is the longer and more efficiently it will operate.

Spec Check: Rotisseries

Rotisseries are unlike most other equipment in that they provide a highly specific cooking process.

Energy Efficiency and Rotisseries

Units that cost less but are not energy efficient may cost more to operate in the long run.

FE&S 65th Anniversary

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