When to Replace: Blast Chillers

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September 18, 2012

Blast Chillers: An Overview

While refrigeration equipment holds food at cold temperatures, blast chillers take hot temperatures out of food.

Chill with Alto-Shaam


Alto-Shaam’s Quickchillers chill food quickly, safely and evenly. Produce food in advance to maximize time without hurting quality. Alto-Shaam CombiOvens and Combimate® heated holding cabinets seamlessly integrate all the equipment necessary Alto-Shaam for every step of the cook/chill process.

How to Know When to Replace Blast Chillers

With blast chillers, the proper temperatures can mean the difference between maintaining food quality during cooling and potentially creating an unsafe environment that breeds bacteria.

Blast Chiller Applications

Blast chillers can prepare food for extended storage periods, helping to cut down on waste.

Does Your Blast Chiller Need Replacement?

Unified Brands

If your blast chiller’s monthly repair bills are more than a new unit’s monthly payment, it’s time for a replacement!  The Randell blast chiller is easy to use and maintain, and has the dependability to Unified Brandskeep your production running smoothly.

Maintaining Blast Chillers

The maintenance requirements of blast chillers are similar to other refrigeration equipment.

Spec Check: Blast Chillers

Blast chillers are well-suited for operations with limited production space, since product can be made ahead of time and reheated as needed.

Nor-Lake Blast Chiller Line


Nor-Lake’s Blast Chillers are self contained refrigeration cabinets with systems designed to rapidly and uniformly decrease the temperature of hot foods to under 40°F in 90 minutes, minimizing the microbial activity Nor-Lake in the food product thus improving food safety.

Energy Efficiency and Blast Chillers

There is no Energy Star rating for blast chillers, which are designed to run hard for a short period of time. But that does not mean operators can’t make a few energy-efficient choices.

Master-Bilt Blast Chillers

ThermalRite Blast Chilling