The Specifier: Working in Remote Locations, Food Trucks and More

The Specifier from Foodservice Equipment & Supplies

August 29, 2013

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Nobody Cares How Big the Back of Your House Is

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Foodservice design can be an intriguing balancing act as designers look to accommodate the needs of the front and back of the house without compromising either. In this post, Juan Martinez takes a philosophical approach at finding balance in foodservice design.

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Working in Remote Locations

While many foodservice design consultants work on projects based in or near large urban areas, countless others work with operators that serve remote areas of the country, from the farm-heavy Midwest to small, Southern towns on the Gulf coast, even throughout Alaska. So working on remote foodservice design projects has become pretty standard today. Still, this approach does not come without a few considerations that the customer and designer need to weigh.

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Master-Bilt Glycol Parallel Rack Systems


• Reduces energy consumption by as much as 25% over conventional glycol parallel systems
• Winner of NRA’s 2013 Kitchen Innovations Award
• State-of-the-art digital controls for greater precision,Master-Bilt diagnostics, data logging and monitoring
• Refrigerant charge and piping reduced for less chance of refrigerant leaks

Food Trucks Park in QSR Territory

While many industry observers have long debated the impact food trucks will have on traditional brick-and-mortar restaurants, a study by The NPD Group finds that consumers are replacing a quick-service restaurant (QSR) visit with a food truck visit.

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Niagara Falls Culinary Institute at Niagara County Community College in Niagara Falls, N.Y.

Ambitiously preparing students to enter the hospitality industry, this new culinary institute exposes participants to exhibition cooking in a variety of restaurant environments, including haute cuisine, casual dining, French bakery and much more.

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The Foodservice Consultant’s Evolving Role

There seems to be an inherently macro view of today’s consultant as one that has not changed parallel to the rest of the industry, or, in some cases, has resisted change. And many in the industry believe the growth of design dealers will spell the end of traditional foodservice consultants. Foodservice designer Costel Coca explores these topics and more in this thought-provoking perspective.

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