FE&S eMarketplace: Blast Chillers, Frozen Yogurt and more

June 16, 2011

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eMarketplace from Foodservice Equipment & Supplies
Norlake Chill Smart Line Chill Smart Line Provides Intelligent Blast Chilling
Nor-Lake, Inc. has released its new Chill Smart Blast Chiller Freezer Line. The Blast Chiller Freezer is a self contained refrigeration cabinet with a system designed to rapidly and uniformly decrease the temperature of hot foods to either a chilled or frozen state in order to provide enhanced food safety, longer storage life and better production efficiency.


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American Metalcraft 2011 New Product brochure 2011 New Product Supplement From American Metalcraft
They've done it again. American Metalcraft has anticipated some of the hottest trends in foodservice and developed 70 brand new products around them. All the details are in their 16 page 2011 New Products Brochure. Visit their website to download a pdf or call 800-333-9133 for a printed copy.

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Win-Fab Stainless Steel fabrication Win-Fab™ Stainless Steel Fabrication – Money Saving Solutions!
Win-Fab™, you choose the modification for your stainless steel sink or table, Win-Holt builds it for you. Getting the right product fabricated has never been easier. Begin with a standard model and select from a wide assortment of add-on accessories to tailor the equipment to fit your needs.

Win-Holt Equipment

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Stoelting F231 Frozen Yogurt Machine “Create your own” Frozen Yogurt Shop
Stoelting Foodservice Equipment offers the best equipment choices in the industry to “create your own” Frozen Yogurt Shop. The F231 features a compact design, which is ideal to accommodate multiple machines in side-by-side configuration in less space. The F231 is also energy efficient, features a spigot handle height that meets customer-serve ADA requirements, and has a state-of-art IntelliTec2™ control system.


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Unified Brabds Groen Intek Steamer Unified Brands Groen Intek Steamers
The newest addition to the Unified Brands steamer lineup, the Groen Intek Steamer is easy to install - no plumbing, it just plugs right in; easy to use - just add water and set the timer; easy to maintain - just wipe out the chamber; and easy to cook with - convection fan for faster, more even cooking. Highly efficient, high performing, high capacity, and ENERGY STAR® rated.

Unified Brands

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Vulcan Clamshell Attachment New GTS12 Clamshell Griddle Accessory From Vulcan
Designed to meet the needs of customers in the foodservice industry, the Vulcan Clamshell griddle top increases speed of service and improves ticket times. The “contact clamshell” uses the same unique griddle plates as the Vulcan Rapid Recovery Griddle, offering the fastest transfer of heat in the industry. Top and bottom heating provides the most efficient method to conduct large batch cooking such as steaks, burgers, or quesadillas. Vulcan’s GTS12 is also easy to operate manually and without any computer controls.


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