FE&S eMarketplace, April 2011

April 2011

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AdvantEDGE™ Mega-Top Refrigerated Sandwich
Preparation Table

Nor-Lake, Inc. recently introduced a mega-top refrigerated sandwich preparation table. The AdvantEDGE™ mega-top sandwich prep table is constructed of stainless steel both interior and exterior. The cabinet is designed with curved handles, self closing doors, insulated lid, Norlake Logocutting board standard and 1/6 size pans included. For more information, visit www.norlake.com.

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Nor-Lake's meta-top refrigerated sandwich prep table
Vulcan Clamshell Accessory

New GTS12 Clamshell Griddle Accessory From Vulcan
Designed to meet the needs of customers in the foodservice industry, the Vulcan Clamshell griddle top increases speed of service and improves ticket times. The “contact clamshell” uses the same unique griddle plates as the Vulcan Rapid Recovery Griddle, offering the fastest transfer of heat in the industry. Top and bottom heating provides the most efficient method to conduct large batch cooking such as steaks, burgers, or quesadillas. Vulcan’s GTS12 is also easy to operate manually and without any computer controls.
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Milk Temp Solution!
The versatile FX-1UCB & FX-2UCB are the long awaited solution for hospital tray make-up and other beverage challenges. The individual drawer settings allow you to set the perfect temp between -5 & 40°F for keeping cold beverages or ice cream under proper temperatures—without crystallizing! For more info visit www.unifiedbrands.net.
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Unified Brands FX Milk Coolers
Wood Stone Plancha

Wood Stone Plancha
The Wood Stone Plancha is a highly responsive, high temperature, consistent cooking surface, backed by Wood Stone’s reputation for quality engineered equipment. The Plancha’s polished steel surface can be used as a direct contact cooking surface like a griddle for searing or sautéing, or heated up to 800 degrees F so that it functions more like an open burner or French Top.
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Mars Presents The LoPro Series Air Curtain
The Mars LoPro Series Air Curtain can be used over walk-in cooler and freezer doors to provide environmental separation and insect control. Eliminate unsanitary, unsightly and unwanted plastic strips, by using this Mars Air Logoseamless, effective, and cost-efficient air curtain. NSF Certified units available.


American Metalcraft Mini Stainless Steel Fry Baskets

Big Ideas For Mini Menu Items
Mini stainless steel Fry Baskets from American Metalcraft are perfect for tiny tastes. Like traditional deep fry baskets, they feature the same grid pattern and double wire handles as their kitchen counterparts - they’re just a American Metalcraft Logofraction of the size. Rectangular, square, and round baskets measure only 4" x 3" and are perfect for small servings.



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