Small Steel-Jacketed Kettles Take Center Stage in New Los Angeles Restaurant

A new restaurant concept in Los Angeles’ historic Grand Central Market features an open kitchen and small steel-jacketed kettles that Chef Mark Peel uses to prepare a focused menu.

Bombo-Foods---Chef-Mark-Peel-3Called Bombo, this concept’s menu features healthy, quickly prepared dishes focused on seafood entrees. Set in a stainless steel counter, six steam kettles are front and center in the bright, open kitchen, which provides diners some culinary theatre and a look at how the chef cooks and runs his kitchen.

“Bombo’s location at Grand Central Market allows me to eliminate the trappings of fine dining and get right to the food, interacting with our diners,” said Peel. Most of the cooking is done for all to see in the kettles on the stainless steel counter, providing a bit of entertainment and moving the preparation and cooking out from behind the scenes.




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