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Opinion pieces on the foodservice equipment and supplies industry from leaders and laymen from all aspects of the business, including dealers, distributors, design consultants and multi-unit operators.

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This Week in Foodservice: Affordable Care Act Impact on Restaurants Still Uncertain

With roughly six months remaining in 2013, restaurant operators still remain unclear as to how the federal healthcare legislation will impact them in 2014. A few chains, though, continue to move forward cautiously.

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NRA Bound? Make Sure You Plan Your Time!

Juan Martinez looks ahead to this weekend's National Restaurant Association show.

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Education, Innovation and the NRA Show

Education and innovation are critical to the success of most any foodservice company. In this blog post, FE&S Editor Joe Carbonara offers his take on how these two elements of success will play out in the upcoming NRA Show in Chicago.

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U.S. Retail Sales Crept Up in April but the News for Restaurant and Bar Sales was Even Better

The foodservice segment continues to gain strength in contrast to the overall economy, which remains mired in a sluggish recovery.

This Week in Foodservice: The Restaurant Industry Outpaces the Overall Economy

The U.S. economy may be in a funk but the restaurant industry is doing its part to spark growth, according to data released by a variety of independent sources.

Reliability Includes More Than Equipment Performance

I've always maintained that if a manufacturers' representative, either independent or factory based, does not call on me, then I can safely assume they will not assist my firm in taking care of our clients for any issue or potential problem that may happen once a piece of equipment is installed. This is still a relationship-based business, and we have built relationships with the reps to the point that the good ones know the type and quality of equipment we look for and will work with us as we design projects and specify equipment.

The Value of the Foodservice Equipment and Supply Dealer

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Singer Sews up Dealer of the Year Win!

Selecting the recipient of FE&S' Dealer of the Year award is something we never take lightly. We feel the weight of responsibility to get it right on behalf of everyone involved. For the dealer community, the awards themselves have become a big deal, as much due to the high regard in which past winners are held as anything else. For our advertising partners, it has become an important opportunity to say thank you to the kind of partner that the Dealer of the Year exemplifies. Especially in today's challenging environment, as the forces of change seemingly pressure the traditional supply chain model on every side, the need to recognize and appreciate what represents the ideal industry partner seems particularly relevant.

A Cultural Experience: Corporate Culture and Customer Retention

Just because someone is a customer today does not mean they will patronize your business tomorrow.

This Week In Foodservice: The U.S. Restaurant Industry Focuses on Growing and Expanding

As a number of publicly traded restaurant chains announce their quarterly earnings. GE Capital Franchise Finance shared a very optimistic outlook about this segment of the foodservice industry.

This Week In Foodservice: Restaurants and Bar Sales Buck the Retail Trend

Although overall retail sales in the U.S. declined 0.4 percent in March, the restaurant and bar segment posted a solid 4.3 percent increase.

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