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How Income Impacts Restaurant Usage, Uber to Test Food Delivery Drone and Chipotle’s Delivery Service Triples

Merrill Lynch surveys consumers about eating out. Uber will test food delivery via drone. Chipotle racks up a triple digit jump in delivery. Food at home prices rose more in April than the price for food away from home prices. Sysco, US Foods and the Performance Food Group saw some sales growth and enjoyed higher profits in the first quarter of this year. These stories and a whole lot more This Week in Foodservice.

Magic Formula …

Take a multigenerational family-owned business — one that hires nice people from the Midwest who generally come predisposed with a customer-centric, friendly attitude and a strong work ethic. Combine that company with some progressive management ideas promoting company-wide transparency, entrepreneurship and empowering employees throughout the organization with the authority and resources to make sure the customer is always satisfied. What do you think you’d get?

A Service Pro You Should Know: Kevin McCaw

Field Supervisor, Hawkins Commercial Appliance Service, Englewood, Colo.

“It’s surprising how many backyard mechanics are out there — and electricians and plumbers that don’t realize how something should be installed.”

Although he now has almost three decades as a service tech under his belt, Hawkins Commercial Appliance Service’s Kevin McCaw got into the business through his love of cars.“My neighbor across the street got me into hot rods. I went to automotive school after high school, then worked for a couple of shops,” he says.

In Need of a Tranquil Kitchen

Kitchens are notoriously noisy but they don’t have to be. Small steps in facility design and equipment selection can greatly reduce noise levels. Foodservice designers can lead the design team toward strategies for creating quieter kitchens. Keeping noise levels low increases kitchen staff productivity, reduces accidents and allows for mindful eating in the dining room. New building standards such as the WELL Building Standard from the International WELL Building Institute suggest certain decibel levels.

Lessons Learned

Just like Hollywood has its awards season, so too does the foodservice industry. From associations to buying groups, everyone likes to get in on the act of celebrating the success of those companies and individuals who go above and beyond in shaping the landscape of the industries they serve. But awards programs need to do more than simply recognize the biggest players in an industry.