Foodservice Opinions

Opinion pieces on the foodservice equipment and supplies industry from leaders and laymen from all aspects of the business, including dealers, distributors, design consultants and multi-unit operators.

Is Your Foodservice Operation Ready to Respond to Disaster?

It's midmorning, you are a foodservice operator just starting a staff meeting and the lights go out in your office. It's dark. A major disaster has affected the power grid, knocking out power to your area for 48 hours. What do you do?

Innovation Goes Back to School

Innovation is, without question, one of the most prominent buzz words in our vocabulary today. Business leaders and politicians alike cite the need to innovate when addressing what ails a company, industry or even a government. When pledging to improve things for their employees or constituents, these leaders promise to become more innovative in their approach, each with varying degrees of success.

Outcomes for Year One of a New, Self-Op School Lunch Program

As the 2014-2015 school year draws to a close, I'd like to share the final outcomes of Nardin Academy's new self-operated foodservice program.

Technomic’s Forecast, Burger Market Is Big Business, Restaurant Unit Growth Continues and More

This Week In Foodservice looks at Technomic’s latest restaurant industry forecast, examines unit growth, reports on the size of the burger market and a whole lot more.

Top 500 Chains Sales Slow, Arby’s Rebranding, Darden May Lose Tax Breaks and More

A look at the Census Bureau’s advance sales estimates for May, Technomic’s analysis of chain growth in 2013, Arby’s brand revitalization and a whole lot more.

Activist Stockholders, Jobs Reports, Minimum Wage Opinions, and Much More

This week we report on the board room wars, provide a host of reports on the U.S. labor situation, share one view the affect of a $15 an hour minimum wage will have on restaurants, look at the effects the nasty winter had on foodservice and a whole lot more.

This Week in Foodservice Unpacks the Latest Economic Data, Research on Dining Segments and More

This Week In Foodservice covers the National Restaurant Association’s April research, provides reports on how family dining is doing well but casual restaurants are not, looks at a study that says corporations will be increasing their travel and entertainment budgets and a whole lot more.

To Be the Best

When you think about your career — when you think about your industry — what is it that you think about most?

Innovation Is the Cure for Healthcare Foodservice’s Challenges

They say that necessity is the mother of invention. If that is true, and I think it is, then competition has to be considered at least the older sibling of growth and innovation. Recent advancements in healthcare foodservice represent a prime example.

Smiles Served Daily

In recent years, the fast-casual segment has been the darling of the foodservice industry — and with good reason. As Chicago-based market research firm Technomic continues to point out, sales and unit growth among fast-casual operators outpaces the overall restaurant industry. But quietly, almost behind the scenes, another operator segment continues to go through a significant transformation. And that segment is healthcare foodservice.

Welcoming Change and Enhancing Patients’ and Customers’ Experience: A Q&A with Lisette Coston, MBA, RD/LD

Lisette Coston is executive director of support services for Saint Francis Health System in Tulsa, Okla. She is also president-elect of the Association for Healthcare Foodservice (AHF).