Foodservice Opinions

Opinion pieces on the foodservice equipment and supplies industry from leaders and laymen from all aspects of the business, including dealers, distributors, design consultants and multi-unit operators.

Looking Forward and Staying Nimble

Entrepreneurs and small businesses are often the ones to lead the charge during times of change. One way to be part of the solution is to help start-ups.

A Service Pro You Should Know: Steve Roane, vice president of service, Vanco, Indianapolis

Steve Roane has made a lifelong career in the foodservice industry, but it has taken some twists and turns along the way.

The Stakes Are So Large …

August is our annual healthcare issue, and this year, it comes amid a great national debate about healthcare. Fundamental questions about whether access to healthcare is a right of citizenship, a basic human right or a benefit that should be bought and paid for on an individual basis, have led to a feverish political debate pitting those on all sides of the issue against one another.

It’s Complicated

Ask any foodservice operator and they will rightfully tell you their business is pretty complicated. But nowhere is that more the case than in today's healthcare foodservice industry.

A Pro You Should Know: Frederick Buchanan, Executive Chef, Sherwood Oaks Retirement Community (Cura Hospitality)

Chef Frederick Buchanan serves Cura Hospitality, which manages the foodservice at Sherwood Oaks Retirement Community. A 34-year veteran of the industry, with 21 of those years spent in contract foodservice management, Buchanan has worked to enhance resident and patient satisfaction through innovative food programs.

UCLA Health System’s Patti Oliver Discusses Wellness and Sustainable Practices

As the director of nutrition at UCLA Health System in Los Angeles, Patti Oliver, MS, RDN, MBA, oversees a $26 million budget. Annual sales volume totals $12 million. Her department serves 9,000 meals a day via patient dining, 3 retail outlets and an upscale catering department. The staff includes 300 full-time equivalents.

Community Connection Program Re-Centers Team

There's a natural connection that happens when you become a strong member of the community you serve. Whether you are a university, a healthcare provider or a business, integrating with the community should play a role in what you do.

Disagreement Over Impact of Higher Minimum Wage, Restaurant “Real” Sales Up Fractionally, Blaze Pizza May Be Fastest-Growing Chain Ever, and More

Experts disagree on impact of higher minimum wages. Restaurant “real” sales were up fractionally in the first half of the year. Foodservice jobs are at risk of being automated. Blaze Pizza may be the fastest-growing chain ever. These stories and many more This Week in Foodservice.


Restaurant and Bar Sales Decline in June, Chipotle Introduces New Concept, Customers Want Memorable Interactions, and More

Sales at restaurants and bars declined in June. The spread between food-away-from-home prices and food-at-home prices narrows. A consulting firm focuses on how restaurants can improve their customers’ experience. Chipotle introduces a new concept. These stories and a lot more This Week in Foodservice.


When Will Restaurant Automation Get Here?

We are closing in on an answer.

Foodservice Operators Continue to Hire in June, Restaurant Performance Index Better in May, Two of the Largest Foodservice Distributors Show Growth for 2016, and More

The Restaurant Performance Index improved in May. Gross Domestic Product for the first quarter was revised upward. Foodservice operators continued to hire in June. Two of the three largest foodservice distributors saw sales growth last year. A pizza restaurant develops robots for the kitchen. These stories and a whole lot more This Week in Foodservice.