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Opinion pieces on the foodservice equipment and supplies industry from leaders and laymen from all aspects of the business, including dealers, distributors, design consultants and multi-unit operators.

Food Is on the Move

Once upon a time, if you wanted to consume food prepared outside of the home you had to go straight to the source, which tended to be a large monolithic structure that required lots of fire power to execute most any kind of menu. Oh, how times have changed.

FTC Challenges Sysco/US Foods Merger, Real Growth in 2015 and Much More

The good news about 2014 restaurant sales comes with a question mark. The Sysco/US Foods merger looks to be headed to court. Wait staff are far from getting rich but are also doing better than minimum wage. “I’m a drone and I’ll be your server this evening.” These stories and a whole lot more.

Restaurant Sales Start Strong in 2015, Even Casual Dining and Much More

U.S. January retail sales slipped but restaurant sales started the year on a high note. Knapp-Track data shows casual restaurant chains did well in January, too. And the LA Times reported that minimum wage increases don’t force restaurants out of business but that other problems are created. These stories and more in This Week In Foodservice.

Fast-Casual Continues to Lead the Way, Mixed News for McDonald’s and Much More

The U.S. employment picture brightens as foodservice continues to be a big factor in job growth. Other news this week in foodservice includes questions about the Sysco/US Foods deal, fast-casual continues to lead the way in traffic growth, and despite a rough January some bright spots may be starting to emerge for McDonald’s. 

How Qualified Is Your Service Provider?


Comparing 2015 Forecasts, Sysco’s US Foods Efforts and Much More

This week we compare 2015 forecasts from the National Restaurant Association and Technomic, look at projections for worldwide foodservice equipment sales and update Sysco’s latest efforts to gain approval of its deal to acquire US Foods.

Tabletop Showstopper: The 2015 Performance in Tabletop Awards

The first thing that you should understand is that Joe Carbonara, our chief editor, does not give up the reins easily. Especially when it comes to the things that Joe loves to do, like the tabletop judging that he oversees each year for FE&S.

Time to Reverse Course: Committing to Collaboration

From the 2015 Performance in Tabletop Awards to the feature on cook-chill to the facility design project of the month (64 Degrees at the University of California San Diego) and countless other articles, examples of collaboration are plentiful in this issue.

Q&A with Massimo Falsini, Executive Chef, Four Seasons Resort Hualālai at Historic Ka’upūlehū

Rome native Chef Massimo Falsini has made Hawaii his career high point, home and paradise.

Value-Engineered Handwashing: An Opportunity for Best-In-Class Foodservice Designers

Years of poor handwashing in restaurants have resulted in unnecessary risk for operators. They have been exposed to unrelenting cost cuts under a banner of value-engineering solutions without any way to defend the most important values: safety and business continuity.

Analyst Bullish on Restaurants in 2015, Starbucks Payment App Hits Big and More

A Wall Streeter is bullish on restaurants in 2015. The housing market news was good in December. Should YUM spin off Taco Bell? McDonald’s financials remain weak while there is speculation on what Big Mac will trim from their menu. These stories and a whole lot more in This Week in Foodservice.