The Making of a Hall of Famer

During a recent conversation with one of the funnier and more irreverent members of the manufacturing community, I was asked where one might go to visit the Foodservice Equipment & Supplies' Dealer Hall of Fame? Canton, Ohio? St Louis? Chicago?

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No — those cities host halls of fame for football, bowling and long serving mayors, respectively.

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OK, there is no getting around it: our FE&S Hall of Fame isn't housed in any physical location. There are no early bills of lading to pour over or showroom replicas from the 1940s to wander through. But I will tell you that this designation occupies an important place in the foodservice equipment and supplies world. In fact, I think it's one of the most significant awards that we here at FE&S have the honor to bestow. That's why we do not automatically give the Hall of Fame Award every year.

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We only choose a Hall of Fame recipient in years when a worthy candidate makes their selection a clear and widely accepted decision. In naming Hall of Fame recipients, we attempt to identify no less than the founding fathers of this industry; people who have contributed mightily in shaping the very foundation of the foodservice equipment and supplies community as we know it today.

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It is easy to tell when you have made a good choice: the response from the industry is universal approval. Such is the case with the selection of Tom Schrack Sr. of Hockenbergs Food Service Equipment & Supply Co. as our Hall of Famer for 2011. Please enjoy Tom's storied history in this issue of FE&S and check out many more great videos and photographs from this year's Dealer of the Year Gala at

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