Here at FE&S, September also means a special emphasis on food safety and the critical role that foodservice professionals play in maintaining high standards when it comes to making sure that eating away from home is a safe and healthful experience. To be part of the conversation, be sure to register for our annual Food Safety webcast on September 27 at

Autumn is also a time for setting goals and trying new things. I believe in challenges, both on an individual level and also on a team level, and this September is no exception for us here at Zoomba Group as we embark on a first-ever event called the Foodservice Equipment and Design (FED) Global Thought Leadership Summit — FED Talks for short. This event seeks to bring together our two distinct audiences from Foodservice Equipment and Supplies and restaurant development + design magazines. It will be held in Chicago on Sept. 20-21 at the iconic Chicago Athletic Association hotel, newly remodeled and home to both a nominee and the winner of The 2016 James Beard Foundation Award for Outstanding Restaurant Design. FED Talks center around thought-provoking topics delivered in short digestible bursts from some of the brightest people in the industry.

The response has been resounding, with great interest from sponsors and attendees alike. This first go ’round is small by design, with only 150 personally invited guests. If people like the format and the content, then we plan to grow this event to be larger and more inclusive in the future. One of our main motivations for creating this event has to do with what I see as our primary mission: the creation of original content worthy of our readers’ attention. So, check back with us here and at for follow up on what we think is going to be a unique and provocative event.