I always love it when we are able to bring you stories of people within the equipment and supplies industry or the wider restaurant community who are finding ways to succeed. While doing well, they are at the same time helping others or doing good. Keith Richards (the other Keith Richards) provides us with a great example in his Parting Shot this month on page 92. Be sure to give it a look.

When I started as the publisher of FE&S more than ten years ago, one of my major goals was to make the magazine more research based. I believed then, as I do today, that by doing so we could better fulfill our reader promise of providing timely, relevant industry information in an accessible and entertaining periodical format. In this issue we present a prime example: the results from FE&S' 2015 Best in Class study (page 38).

What began as a simple poll asking our readers a single question, "Which piece of equipment do you think is best in a given category?" has evolved into a three-part questionnaire that drills down into the specific reasons for each selection. The result is a more comprehensive study that yields real data and insights for our advertising partners and compiles important industry feedback for our readers. As our circulation has grown by more than 30 percent during the past few years, so has participation by the operator, dealer and consultant communities.

A heartfelt thank you goes out to those of you who generously give your time and expertise to do so. We believe your willingness to answer our queries year after year tells us that you value the results and you trust us to report on them in an unbiased manner.

We are sensitive to the list fatigue that can result from asking too much of our audience, and we try to remain mindful of that as we schedule our research. We appreciate your feedback. If there are things that you think we can do better, please take the time to reach out and let me know.