We’ve got beer, pizza, ?Hallmark and a story about a movement back to the days before large-scale frozen food distribution. We are one Ty Cobb story away from a Ken Burns documentary with this issue of FE&S. Interestingly enough, it’s all about what’s happening in foodservice today.

In this issue our contributing editors do a great job of taking a fresh look at the impact of new technologies and new thinking on some very old trends. For example, in the article “From Truck to Table: Fresh Food Safety Every Step of the Way,” Amelia Levin examines the impact of local sourcing and the increased use of farm-fresh ingredients on food safety. As Amelia says, in a very real sense…what’s old is new again.

Similarly, Joe Carbonara, editorial director, will continue the food safety conversation during a webcast at 1 p.m. (CST) on September 29. This year’s webcast “Going with the Food Safety Flow” will build on the conversation Amelia started in her ?article and will feature a panel of highly regarded foodservice professionals well-schooled in food safety. They will share best practices that will help operators take fresh foods from truck to table in a food-safe manner. This represents a subject that affects all of us on an individual level, as consumers, and many of you, on a business level, as foodservice professionals. The CDC calls Food Safety a winnable war against preventable disease and it is incumbent upon all of us to be informed about the ways to achieve this worthy goal.

Going back to the future once more, I invite you to visit fesmag.com and check out Jerry Stiegler’s August 11 blog post concerning the rebound in midscale restaurants. Many pundits had given up on the midscale space in favor of the trendier fast-casual arena, but in less time than it takes to order a number 5, the midscale restaurants have rebounded with surprising strength.