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Breaking news for the full foodservice equipment and supplies distribution channel. Includes information on dealers, distributors, design consultants and multi-unit operators spanning leadership changes, mergers and acquisitions, trends, data and much more.

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Trends & Tidbits August 2009

Florida Governor Signs Bill Regarding Foodservice Dealers and Kitchen Design

Florida Governor Charlie Crist signed a bill into law which exempts foodservice equipment dealers from long-standing legislation that prohibited them to design commercial kitchens. The proposed bill, which was passed by the Florida House of Representatives in early May, included an amendment to allow dealers, as well as foodservice equipment manufacturers and their reps, to continue designing or aiding in the design of commercial kitchens in Florida as they have done so in the past, but now on a legal basis.

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Trends & Tidbits December 2008

Mini Me

While the words “small plates” may seem overused lately, that trend in menu and tabletop design has not gone away. Instead, it's broadened to segments of the foodservice industry other than just high-end, independent restaurants, according to Zena Dater, of Oswalt Restaurant Supply and FE&S'2008 DSR of the Year. “In the past, only fine dining seemed to do the tasters or flights, if we are talking wine, and small plates for food,” she says. “Now, casual dining is jumping onboard.”

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Budget-Friendly Menu Items Grow in Popularity

It used to be that value-oriented meals were the domain of quick-service or even fast-casual restaurants. But in an attempt to maintain traffic levels, a growing number of restaurant operators, this time representing all segments, continue to promote value on the menu, according to Mintel’s Menu Insights study.

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“Dining out is a choice, not an obligation,” said Mintel’s Maria Caranfa. “By offering people the prices they can afford with the food quality and experience they crave, restaurants can stay vibrant and current in today’s economy.

Hurricane Katrina, One Year Later

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