Camille’s Sidewalk Café Launches iPad Initiative

Going green can help restaurants become more efficient.

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Camille's Sidewalk CafeIn a move combining both efficiency and sustainability, Beautiful Brands International rolled out Apple iPads and supporting kitchen software at its newer Camille's Sidewalk Café stores for servers to use during order-taking. Servers type up the order using the iPad touch screen, which then transfers the order directly to computer screens in the kitchen, eliminating back-of-the-house printers that use paper.

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As waitstaff serve the orders, they can then clear the queue with a touch of the screen. Another feature of these systems is that it gives customers the option of having the restaurant e-mail a receipt instead of receiving a paper version.

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This approach not only cuts down on paper waste, it also improves ordering and food prep efficiencies by cutting out the extra step of keying in an order on a POS screen, according to David Rutkauskas, Beautiful Brands founder, president and CEO.

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