Next Generation Restaurant Patrons: Millennials

According to Technomic's Generational Consumer Trend Report, the Millennial generation, aged 18 to 33, rivals the Baby Boomer generation in size. As a result, restaurant chains are adjusting their tactics to make their foodservice operations more appealing to this sizable demographic.

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Some examples of restaurant amenities Millennials go for and accommodating chains include:

Late night service:

  • Taco Bell offers a "4th meal"
  • Denny's runs an all-nighter promotion at select locations

Super indulgent offerings:

  • KFC's double down sandwich
  • Friendly's grilled cheese sandwich patty melt
  • Carl's Jr. footlong cheeseburger

Community outreach, fresh food and lounge layout:

  • Burgerville combines all three

Other key Technomic findings:

  • Three out of four Millennials visited Facebook within 30 days, significantly more than Gen Xers (66percent) and Boomers (50 percent)
  • Half of Millennial consumers say they enjoy trying new restaurants and think it is important to try different types of foods
  • Millennials are very interested in French, Thai and Spanish cuisine

75: The percent of Millenials who feel restaurants are a great place to gather with friends. In contrast, only 68 percent of Baby Boomers share this perspective.

Source: Technomic.
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