Technomic Finds Dessert More Popular Than Ever

For the past three years, more consumers have consistently eaten more dessert, according to Technomic’s 2010 Dessert Consumer Trend Report. Occupying the smallest portion of most restaurant menus, dessert presents an opportunity for operators looking to increase sales.

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For example, only 1 percent of Technomic's survey respondents said they did not eat dessert, and 70 percent eat dessert at least once a week. Pricing can influence dessert purchases, but cost is less of a factor for dessert than for other mealparts, according to the Technomic study. Price is, however, a major consideration for consumers who purchase dessert from a retailer after dining out.

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“Dessert is unique, because it not only involves sensory appeal, but also sparks strong emotional drivers,” says Technomic EVP Darren Tristano. “If someone wants to reward themselves after a bad day, they might splurge on a dessert to feel better; but if they want to celebrate after a good day, they might do the same thing. Motivations for craving dessert run the gamut."

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