Piccadilly Restaurants Launches Piccadilly Emergency Services

New division will implement new mobile kitchen units.

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Picadilly Restaurants, LLC announced the launch of a new division within its restaurant and foodservice company, Piccadilly Emergency Services.

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The new division allows the company to streamline efforts to conduct mass feedings during post-disaster situations. The division will utilize the new Piccadilly Emergency Kitchen, a mobile unit that can serve up to 100,000 meals in a single day.

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Piccadilly's emergency feedings efforts began in the aftermath of 2005's Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. Piccadilly mobilized 10,000 meals in a 24-hour period eventually serving more than 100,000 meals to the victims of those two storms. Over the years, Piccadilly has provided more than 500,000 emergency relief meals. Piccadilly has partnered with The American Red Cross, various state and local governments, as well as utility companies to provide emergency meals in disaster situations.

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