Remote Restaurant Management Systems

New solutions allow proprietors to remotely manage their restaurant from a special tablet computer.

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In the case of fires or carbon monoxide leaks, the system sends an alarm to the tablet, which also provides live-streaming video from in-store security cameras. The tablet can also be hooked up to the bar so the bartender can not only receive orders but also recipes for drinks and be able to track pours and liquor inventory. From the consumer side, restaurant patrons can use the device to search through menu items for specific foods, such as seafood, or for calorie, sodium and other nutritional information to put together a healthier meal. Gluten-free and other patrons with food allergies can use the tablet in this way as well. In addition to viewing and searching the menu in this way, they can also change their order mid-meal, and swipe a credit card through the reader to pay at the end of the meal. By taking orders using the tablet, servers can save a step by not having to key in the order in a POS system after taking the order by hand. Using web-based admin, restaurant management can change the pictures, text, menu color or design at any time as well as enter in specials and other promotions.

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