Fryer Safety Training Tips

Here are some basic guidelines you can use to help kitchen staff safely operate a fryer.

A sample of safe fryer-operation points operators' kitchen staff should be aware of include:

... Make sure kitchen staff understand how and when to clean kitchen hood, ducts, grills, vents, filters and fans.

... Make operators and staff aware of the dangers of wearing loose clothing near open flames. Also, remind them to keep kitchen towels away from open flames.

... Be sure they grasp the importance of not picking up a pan of burning grease and heading for a sink. Many severe burn injuries result from picking up pans. Also, staff should never apply water to a grease fire.

... Staff are most likely to stay safe when they keep the kitchen area clean and well organized, including preventing grease buildup on kitchen floors.

... Lastly, employees should understand the chemistry of cooking oils. Vegetable oil burns hotter than animal fat, so a different type of fire extinguisher is required to prevent re-ignition. A K-rated fire extinguisher is required in commercial kitchens.

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