Blanchet House of Hospitality in Portland, Ore.

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1. Dry storage shelving
1a. Cooler shelving
1b. Freezer shelving
1c. Shelving
1d. Wall-mount shelf
2. Dunnage rack
2a. Wall-mount sort rack
2b. Ceiling-mount pot rack
3. Cooler Evaporator
3a. Freezer Evaporator
4. Dish & tray cart
5. Walk-in freezer/cooler
5a. Reach-in freezer
5b. Reach-in refrigerator
5c. Blast chiller
6. End caps
7. S/s wall flashing
8. Wall-mount faucet
8a. Pre-rinse faucet
9. Eye wash
10. Pot sink
11. Hand sink
12. Clean table
12a. Soil table
12b. Prep table
12c. Worktable w/ undershelf
12d. Worktable with overshelf & undershelf
13. Hot water booster
14. Conveyor warewasher
15. Corner guard
16. Exhaust hood
17. Ice maker w/ bin
17a. Ice maker filter system
18. Vegetable cutter
19. Fire prevention
20. Mobile warming & holding cabinet
21. Steam jacketed kettle
21a. Kettle stand
22. Induction cooker
23. Heavy-duty range, electric
24. Floor trough
25. Tilt skillet
26. Convection oven, electric
27. Countertop steamer
28. Drawer warmer
29. Food shield
30. Drop in hot/cold wells
31. Service line
32. Water station
33. Automatic coffee maker
34. Coffee grinder

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