Spec Check: Rotisseries

Rotisseries are unlike most other equipment in that they provide a highly specific cooking process.

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Capacity Needed: The capacity should match the operation's peak demand. A number of variables will help determine the best size rotisserie, including the number of seats, business hours and whether the foodservice operation will offer carryout service or catering.

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Available Space: Before choosing a model, operators need to determine how much space is available for the oven. Placement is an important factor with rotisseries, as these units can be used in the back or front of house. Countertop models are available for operations with smaller footprints. Some units can be stacked while others offer wall mounting capabilities to save space.

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Proper Placement: Another consideration is whether the rotisserie will serve as a merchandising tool. If this is the case, proper placement is key. Bringing cooking food items closer to customers will show off the product, create enticing aromas and increase impulse sales. Operators need to determine whether floor or counter placement is available and preferable.

Heat Source and Hookups: Units are available in either gas or electric models. Gas rotisseries tend to be larger and have longer spits than electric units. Both gas and electric rotisseries generally require ventilation. Ventless hood options available with some electric units allow operators to take the rotisserie out of the hood space and locate it closer to the counter or customer where product is sold. Self-cleaning units will require a water supply and drain.

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