13 Trends and Issues to Watch in 2013

Trends come and go. That's why they're called trends. But some stick around for longer periods of time, having greater impact on the foodservice industry. We've identified some of those stronger trends that picked up steam in 2012 and seem to be headed for greater impact in 2013. Take a look.

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1. Back to the Bar: The Continued Emergence of Restolounges

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2. Farm-To-Glass Cocktails and Sharable Plates

3. Sous Vide

4. Better-for-You Food and Food for Special Diets

5. Genetically Modified Organisms

6. School Foodservice Changes

7. Reducing Water Footprints

8. Food Trucks

9. Franchising at Home and Abroad

10. Generational Shifts

11. Uber Local

12. Mobile Apps and Tablet Tech

13. Fast Fine

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