CFESA's Maintenance Tips for Ranges

Some tips on maintenance from CFESA.

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Ranges and range/oven combos are among the essential pieces of cooking equipment. Those operations that use them depend of them for a huge number of tasks, from making pasta to cooking burgers to sautéing vegetables to baking deserts and much, much more. The following are tips from CFESA on maintaining ranges. While some are best left to a service agent, others can be handled by kitchen staff.

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  • Clean ranges with soap and water using a cloth, sponge or fiber brush
  • Inspect burners for cracks
  • Keep burner valves greased
  • Keep burner ports clear and open
  • Never stand on oven doors
  • Check that oven racks are level
  • Check that oven door closes tightly
  • Check that gas cocks turn smoothly
  • Check grease drawer for proper drainage and leaks.
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