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Redefining Smart Kitchens

The foodservice industry’s view of the smart kitchen is similar to society’s view of mermaids and unicorns: We all know what they look like but nobody expects to actually encounter one any time soon. It might be time, however, to adjust your definition of what actually constitutes a smart kitchen.

Expecting the Unexpected

Few people would argue that the current economic climate has been examined ad nausea. The mainstream media has spilled countless gallons of ink and talked until they are nearly blue in the face, trying to assess the blame for our economy’s most recent recession. And politicians on both sides of the aisle continue to prey upon consumers’ fears to drive home their ideological agendas.

Efficiency is a Direction and not a Destination

Efficiency is one of the great buzz words being tossed around in the foodservice industry today. Just about every foodservice company is struggling to determine what it means for their business to be more efficient in light of the challenging business environment.

It’s Not Over Until It’s Over

Last month Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernake made global headlines when he told the Brookings Institute that the recession is “very likely over.” If the recession is, in fact, over, what does that mean for the foodservice industry?

It's Not Over Until It's Over

Last month Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke made global headlines when he told The Brookings Institution that the recession is "very likely over." If the recession is, in fact, over, what does that mean for the foodservice industry?

In the short term, this ray of economic hope probably does not mean much to the foodservice industry. Foodservice operators' equipment and supplies budgets are expected to decrease by 2.8 percent, on average, in 2010 according to FE&S' annual Forecast Study. In contrast, 39 percent of the operators surveyed anticipate an increase in their food and beverage expenditures, while 45 percent anticipate this budget item will remain flat. Overall, we project that foodservice equipment and supplies sales for 2010 will remain flat when compared to this year.

Bottom’s Up?

One of the (many) unfortunate aspects of downward business spirals is that they never call ahead to let anyone know they are coming.  Once the tumultuous periods come to an end, nobody announces that the business environment has stabilized. Such is the situation for today’s foodservice industry.

Is it Bottom's Up for the Foodservice Equipment and Supplies Industry?

Is it Bottom’s Up for the Foodservice Equipment and Supplies Industry?

Has the foodservice industry reach the bottom of this economic free fall? If so, there's nowhere to go but up.

Feeling the Perfection

“What is your common purpose?” That was a question posed by the Disney Institute’s Scott Milligan during a presentation at Technomic’s 2009 Trends and Directions Conference. While Milligan asked this of the record number of foodservice operators and other industry professionals in attendance, it is really a question that any member of the industry needs to be able to answer to help ensure long-term success.

Now – More Than Ever…

In light of the much ballyhooed economic challenges the world faces today, many clever marketers have decided to play the panic card when trying to peddle their products and services. And why shouldn’t they? Throughout last year’s political campaigns both parties did an exemplary job of trying to scare us into not voting for the other candidate. As a result of this trend, a new phrase of sorts has taken root in the marketing lexicon of the day.

Start While You Are Winning

With the calendar rolling over to a new year, leaders of many companies are reviewing their budgets for 2007 and perhaps revisiting their strategic plans. Successful managers do this to ensure the necessary ingredients are in place for what they hope is the coming year’s recipe for success.

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