Segment Spotlight

This section goes in depth on a selected foodservice and equipment supplies market segment. From commercial to institutional, from food trucks to correctional facilities, FE&S covers it all.

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Case Study: Casey's General Store, Ankeny, Ia.

Competing in the crowded pizza segment is a challenge for any restaurant, let alone a retail convenience store chain. Yet, Casey's General Store, a 1,600-store chain based in Ankeny, Ia., has more than competed — it has thrived.

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Q&A: Jerry Weiner, vice president of foodservice Rutter’s Farm Store, York, Pa.

Although in the convenience store business since the early '60s, family-owned Rutter's Farm Stores started as a retail dairy operation in the 1920s. Now with 56 stores in five south-central Pennsylvania counties, the chain has distinguished its operations with an extensive foodservice offering.

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Case Study: Orleans Parish Sheriff’s Office, New Orleans, La.

Even though it has been six years since Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, the region continues to deal with the devastation and is still in the midst of rebuilding efforts. After its 52,000-sq.ft. cook-chill facility was left completely underwater due to the epic storm, Sheriff Marlin Gusman of the Orleans Parish Sheriff's Office took temporary action to keep his operation running.

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Q&A: Philip Atkinson, Food Service & Laundry Programs Manager, Hennepin County Adult Detention Center, Minneapolis

Housed in two buildings, the 829-bed Hennepin County Adult Detention Center, operated by the Hennepin County Sheriff's Office, is the largest pretrial facility in Minnesota. Each year, the Sheriff's Office books approximately 40,000 inmates. Commonly referred to as the Hennepin County Jail, the facility is one of only two in the state to utilize cook-chill production. The production kitchen opened in 2001.

Rehabilitating Corrections Foodservice

Factors such as unskilled labor and shrinking budgets are not handcuffing these foodservice operators as they leverage easy-to-use equipment to serve large volumes of food on a daily basis.

Q&A Sal Bednarz, owner, Actual Café, Oakland, CA

A sharp contrast to sleek coffeehouses with high-end finishes, the ambiance of Actual Café in Oakland, Calif., mirrors its diverse, urban surroundings.

Case Study: Eddie’s Catering, Omaha, Neb.

Even a thriving business can be reborn, transformed and achieve even greater success after its recreation.

Q&A: Renee Zonka, C.E.C., R.D., C.H.E., MBA, Dean, Kendall College, The School of Culinary Arts

Before Renee Zonka was named as Dean of Kendall College, she had extensive experience as an off-premise caterer.


By leveraging a durable and flexible equipment package, foodservice operators who participate in the catering segment can adapt to their customers various demands to provide unique and custom solutions.

Q&A with Eric Eisenberg, executive chef Swedish Health Services, Seattle

FE&S chats with Swedish Health Service's Eric Eisenberg about the evolution of healthcare foodservice, the foodservice equipment driving execution in this segment and more.

Case Study: University of California San Francisco Medical Center (UCSF)

Pulling off a multimillion dollar renovation of a restaurant while it is still in operation is a feat in and of itself, but to accomplish this with no cooking equipment, only 50 seats to serve 5,000 customers daily and with only a 15 percent drop in sales seems unheard of.

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